This children's book about honey possums, is based on scientific evidence resulting from 20 years' zoological research into these tiny marsupials in their natural surroundings in the south-west corner of Western Australia.

Both animals and flowers are reproduced with such detailed accuracy, that they will pass the scrutiny from experienced botanists and zoologists and the book will be of use in the schoolroom for biology teachers to children of all ages.

There are many layers to uncover in the book, apart from the simply-told story line about two joeys during the first year in their lives.
  • The end papers feature the pollen grains from the food plants of the honey possum
  • We have used the same pollen grains to contain interesting facts, in simple language, at the end of the story. For example, what is torpor? How much does a new-born joey weigh? How do flowers make a seed?
  • We have identified some of the food plants of the honey possum, introducing young children to the concept of plant classification.
  • We have introduced the concept of 'rare plants', by high-lighting two plant species that are only found in a small National Park on the south coast of Western Australia.
  • We have introduced 'post-fire flowering' of fungi and plants.
  • We have obtained rare footage of a honey possum in its natural surroundings from the NHK International Inc (Natural History Unit of the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation) and adapted it to a short DVD that is included in each book.
We believe this book will leave the young reader with a greater understanding of this unique little animal and its need for our protection.

Honey Possum South West, Western Australia
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